Martha's "Love Keeps Kicking" Premieres

Our video for Martha's "Love Keeps Kicking" premieres today!! If you like old sci-fi alien invasion flicks or getting your ass kicked figuratively and literally by the giant extraterrestrial foot of love, then you're REALLY gonna like this.

Stereogum says:

"The rousing Durham punks Martha released a new track for the holidays last month, “Heart Is Healing,” and today they’re back to announce a new album, Love Keeps Kicking, which that song is on, and to share its title track and a new music video. The album is the follow-up to 2016’s Blisters In The Pit Of My Heart.

“Love Keeps Kicking” is itchy and restless, with a chorus of voices resounding that love does indeed keep kicking, even if it’s sometimes in the form of “love keeps kicking the shit out of me” and less in the way of a genuine human connection. The video is an elaborate take on an alien invasion, with the alien being a giant foot."

DIY Mag says: 

"Martha have announced details of brand new album ‘Love Keeps Kicking’.

The album will be due out 5th April via Big Scary Monsters. They’ve also released the title-track and its accompanying video, which you can watch below.

Of the video, directors Ben Epstein and David Combs said: 'We wanted to do an old sci-fi alien invasion pastiche and create a threat that no one can outrun, because as the song implies, at some point or another, we all feel the harsh sting of heartbreak. And what better metaphor is there for the inevitability of a broken heart than the swift kick of a giant disembodied foot? It basically wrote itself.'"