Bad Moves's "Spirit FM" Premieres on Stereogum!

Stereogum says:

"The Washington, DC-based power-pop band Bad Moves were recently immortalized in animated form on the Cartoon Network show Craig Of The Creek, which is scored by Jeff Rosenstock, and now they’re announcing their debut album, Tell No One, which comes on the heels of their 2016 EP and a pair of tracks, “One Thing” and “Cool Generator,” that they’ve shared over the last few months. 

Tell No One comes out in September, and today they’re releasing the massively catchy “Spirit FM,” a song about fighting against ingrained behaviors and beliefs. “Oh, oh, tuning out the radio/ Oh, oh, we’re losing faith again/ Oh, oh, learning from each other how to/ Drown out the Spirit FM,” goes the chorus, a resounding and nervy twitch that the band members shout together in ecstatic union.

The song comes attached to a music video — directed by David Combs, Katie Park, and Ben Epstein for Baby Pony Food Productions — that’s set in a world where wearing white is encouraged through intense social pressure. Our in-road to this world is one person who hasn’t gotten the memo and is still wearing all blue. They’re proselytized to, handed a pamphlet called “The Virtues Of Wearing White.” It soon becomes apparent that color is hiding underneath the surface of this all-white world — an orange watch band peeking out of a sleeve, a t-shirt underneath a button-down — and the disconnect leads to a breakdown."